Back-protectors for wintersports like snow-boarding,skiing, freeriding and skicrossing.

Today, almost every wintersports athlete wears a helmet but also more and more skiers and snow-boarders wear a protector. Above all it is the back that has to be protected, but which one is THE PROTECTOR offering the best protection and what should you look for above all? We all know, wintersports hold certain risks. Even if you are a good and responsible skier or snow-boarder, you cannot rule out that another athlete using the same slope hurts you. Especially at collisions the danger to get hurt is enormous, with snow-boarders shoulders, arms and back are at risk. More and more trendsport-freaks in half pipes or fun-parks and those who like to ski or snow-board in open terrain are considered to be part of high risk groups for potential accidents.

Everything well protected

Above all a protector is supposed to protect you from the enormous impact energy during a crash and reduce this energy to a minimum. Not everything which is called protector offers sufficient protection. Hard-shell protectors e.g. protect you from injuries caused by rocks or sharp edges but their cushioning effect is minimal. KOMPERDELL protectors spread the impact energy over the total surface of the protector-insert - reducing it to a minimum. At a downfall the protector absorbs up to 95% of the impact energy, it is more than just a jacket with integrated plastic tiles. Komperdell protectors represent high technology and more than 15 years of development together with leading manufacturers of the motorcycle industry.

Back-protector: what should be paid attention to?

Especially snow-boarders should wear a back-protector, because they are even more prone to fall on their back than skiers, although skiers too are not immune against crashes or severe downfalls. It is important that the protector vest fits tightly and perfectly. The protected area should start at the lumbar vertebrae and should end shortly below the neck in order not to restrict the mobility of the head. It is also an advantage to wear a kidney-belt in order to prevent the protector from slipping. Komperdell also offers protector vests which can be worn under your ski-suit. For years KOMPERDELL has dealt intensively with the subject of safety and we have the appropriate protector for everyone, the skiers, the snow-boarders or the kiters.