Back protector for horseback riders and equestrian sport

More and more motorcyclists, skirs and snow-boarders are using back-protectors and the same should go for riders as they protect optimally in case of falls off the horse. What riders should use are back-protectors developed especially for their purpose – the rider-vests.They not only protect the spine and the back but also the shoulders and part of the hips.The vests are easy to put on, you have various adjustable velcros at the waist, the chest and the shoulders to fasten and adjust them.

The safest and most comfortable protectors

They come in various styles – with front zip for easy putting on and taking off, reversible ones, the rider can choose between black and pink the classic or the trendy look. The vest allows comfortable freedom of movement, it is a compact but still slim construction which can be worn under the riding jacket. The especially flexible protector insert allows for unobstructed unrolling. Additional foams at the chest and rib-cage absorbing slight hits and blows. The KOMPERDELL riding vest is certified according to motorcycle standard EN 1621-2, it has top impact protection - values making it the safest and most trustworthy back-protector on the market.

Perfectly protected with KOMPERDELL

Being the expert when it comes to safety wear we consider it our responsibility to constantly continue to develop our products, thus strengthening our position as the leading brand in this field. The result is a new and enhanced range of protector-vests for horseback riders. We have been in the business of protection gear for athletes for more than 20 years, it all started with an intensive cooperation with the motorcycle industry where only top values of safety are accepted. This made KOMPERDELL not only the pioneer and trend-setter but the leading brand for functional and innovative protection wear.