Protectors for cycling, biking and mountain-biking

It has become more and more common sense for enthusiastic bikers to protect their back and joints. In the past extreme bikers were a trendy curiosity, Today steep gravel trails and deep-rooted forest tracks are part of the program. Most of those bikers did not consider the risks of injuries at spills on these tracks and passages, they wore helmets and gloves and believed them sufficient protection. However, this attitude changed, knee and shin protectors became an issue ,mainly to protect against scrapes or abrasions and of course different back-protecting systems. Most protectors are easy to put on, they do not restrict your freedom of movement and are comfortable to wear.


Our first contacts as deverlopers of protectors we had with the motorcycle industry15 years ago, since then we have been developing and cooperating with leading companies of this industery. We started our development based upon analyses and examinations of different crash dynamics and accidents. When developing we always focus on constructing a protector with optimal safety, comfort and maximum freedom of movement.Biking or mountainbiking are exciting sports, but the fun they offer is not without risks.

How is a KOMPERDELL protector protecting you?

A protector is supposed to protect the athlete against the enormous impact energy which develops in case of a spill. A KOMPERDELL protector spreads the full impact over the complete impact area, reducing it to a minimum,which means it absorbs up to 95% of the impact energy. Each KOMPERDELL protector is CE – certified 1621-2, a safety standard being many times higher than required for this field of sports. We at Komperdell spend a lot of time and energy to optimize the wearing comfort, the fit as well as the freedom of movement for our protection-wear. Low-weight protector inserts, breathable materials for the vests and easy handling have top priority when we develop a new product. If you compare hard-shell- to soft-shell protectors you will find out that not everything which calls itself protector offers sufficient safety. Hard-shell protectors e.g. protect you against injuries caused by rocks or sharp edges, but their cushioning effect is minimal. Hard-shell protectors look cool and that is their only advantage, as a protector does not have to be hard or soft, it has to be s a f e. Komperdell protectors are based on technologies making a protector safer. Bike-protector – safe without compromise.

As an example, hard-shell protectors protect you against injuries caused by rocks or sharp edges, the absorption of the impact however is minor.Hard-shell protectors look cool but that is their only advantage. A protector does not have to be hard or soft, it has to be SAFE. And KOMPERDELL has the technology to make protectors safer – that’s why our bike-protectors are safe without any compromise.