Back-protectors and safety-wear are obligatory for Motorcyclists

Because of the high speed and the missing crush-zone it is especially important in case of a crash to be protected when motorcycling. Motorcyclists are obligated to wear a back-protector as it protects the spine perfectly thus preventing serious injuries as e.g. paraplegia. Our protector systems have won numerous innovation awards and stood out as best and most comfortable protectors in several benchmark tests.

Producer of the safest protectors

Our cooperation with the motorcycle industry brought us the initial practical experience in the field of protection. For more than 15 years KOMPERDELL has been the partner of the leading motorcycle industries in development and production. Detailed analyses and examination of studies of various crash dynamics and accidents were the basic concept of our development. When manufacturing a protector top priority is always given to its optimal protective function, best possible wearing comfort and unrestricted freedom of movement. You can compare a protector-vest to the air-bag in a car, in case of a crash it reduces the impact energy to a minimum.

How is a KOMPERDELL protector protecting you?

Maximum impact protection for the spine and down to the tail-bone. The memory foams absorb the affecting force and spread it over the entire surface of the protector (by contrast a hard-shell protector absorbs the impact energy only at one point). Memory foams are multiple purpose, after having suffered a crash they recover and resume their original condition. In order to be really safe a protector has to meet the following criteria:it has to have the right size for the person, it has to fit tightly and must not slip in case of a crash or spill, important is – the protector has to be tried on before buying it. The tighter a protector fits the better it can protect the person wearing it and the tighter this protection system is worn, the softer and more flexible it has to be. A protector can only function optimally if it fits perfectly, does not restrict your mobility and is so comfortable to wear that you no longer want to go without it. The tighter the protector fits the softer and more flexible the vest should be. The protector fulfills its purpose perfectly if he fits 100%, does not inhibit your freedom of movement and is so comfortable to wear that you no longer want to go without it.